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10 Travel Tips in Kerala
10 Travel Tips in Kerala

travel-tips1Kerala is a small state in India. Still the travel destinations at here are spread in 14 districts. If you wish to make a visit through all the major stopovers in Kerala, you will have to travel a long distance. And you should remember some facts and tips while you travel in Kerala. As you are a visitor, most probably you won’t know the local language at here, Malayalam. Thus in order to avoid confusions and stresses in your travel in Kerala, keep in mind some tips. By following these you can make the travel more joyous and happy.

  1. You have many options to travel in Kerala. You can consult a private travel agency who provide you a better Kerala package. Another way is finding a local agency in each districts or destinations who take you to the major spots to visit. In both cases you should be confident about the firm you approach. Try to find the most renowned agency in each place.
  2. You can take rental cars or other vehicles including bicycles. In such cases make sure that you return them on the referred date and time and they don’t take extra charges for unnecessary reasons.
  3. Don’t drive vehicles in Kerala without a legal vehicle licence. If you are a foreign citizen, make sure that you have international licence with you while you drive. Without licence travelling will be punishable and you will have to face the legal procedures.
  4. You have Government bus services to any destinations in Kerala. They are cheap and reliable. It is a better option to relay on. If you are in Trivandrum or Cochin, you have air conditioned Volvo buses to major destinations like Kovalam Beach. In some places Government runs special bus services for sightseeing too. If you are choosing these public transport systems, note down all the to and fro timings of buses.
  5. The cheapest way to travel long distance in Kerala is train. If you want to move from Trivandrum to Alleppy or Cochin etc. the faster and cheaper option is train. You can enquire about the timing and get the tickets from the station itself. Reservation facilities are also available in trains.
  6. If you are choosing such travel options, you should take care of the luggage and other personal belongings. Make sure that you don’t wear costly ornaments.
  7. If you are in personal vehicle and you plan a stay in any holiday stopover like Munnar in resort or hotel, make sure that you choose a place having parking facility.
  8. If you face any difficulty while you travel in Kerala, you can avail the service from Kerala Police any time anywhere. They will be at your service.
  9. Don’t travel to remote areas in night hours. If you are on way to any place and it happens to be night, it is better to stay the night in a better hotel or resort and continue the journey in early morning.
  10. Drive safe in the roads. Respect other travellers.

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