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Kerala Travel Mart 2014 – The Ultimate Travel Fest

Kerala Travel Mart, or fondly referred to as KTM, is a one of its kind event which showcases the most popular tourism brand in India, the state of Kerala. In the recent years, Kerala has grown to be one of Asia’s most visited and popular tourist destinations. Kerala Travel Mart focuses on the large tourism potential that kerala holds and brings together Tand sellers to the same foyer, which helps the industry, tourists as well as the people of Kerala. KTM is a biennial event which saw its beginning in the year 2000 when a group of visionaries came together and pooled in their ideas and ways of thought into action for the betterment of Kerala as a tourist destination. The buyers and sellers who have come together in the past seven times the event was conducted saw tremendous increase not only in terms of number but also in terms of standard and global approach. There was a record participation of over 1250 buyers from above 50 countries in the previous KTM event which was held in 2012. Leading global superpower nations have recognized the potential that this event and destination holds and have extended great support in every step […]

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Ramakkalmedu: The lovely hill station in Idukki

The search for beauty in Kerala has no limits. The breath taking hill stations in the state is spread all over the land in different districts. Some of the mostly visited hill stations are Munnar in Idukki, Ponmudi in Trivandrum, Pythal Mala in Kannur etc. Munnar is the most famous hill station with rich natural wealth like forest, waterfalls etc. and a seductive climate. The honeymoon couples and adventurous travelers most often prefer hill stations for their trip. These are romantic at the same time adventurous. The mountain drive and trekking experience at the Kerala hill stations are once in life experiences. Ramakkalmedu is a marvelous hill station in Idukki district. This hill station is famous for the monuments of Kuravar and Kurathi. These statues depicts the Sangam period in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. You can see the charming visuals of Tamil Nadu from this fabulous hill station. In night hours, when the villages of Tamil Nadu like Theni, Thevaram, Cumbum, Vaiga, Uthamapalayam and Kombe etc. get lighted they creates a stupendous visual treat from the higher altitudes. The exciting mountain drive to this hill station and the gentle breeze at the top will be great incomparable experience for you. […]

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Museums and zoos in Kerala

Kerala is a wonderful travel destination well gifted with natural wonders like beaches, hill stations, waterfalls, forests and lakes etc. There are many architectural wonders like temples, churches, mosques, monuments and palaces etc. in the state that reflects a rich legacy. A huge number of travellers visit Kerala every year to see this fascination and learn the culture of this land. Honey moon, family trip… whatever be you desire, Kerala holds everything to satisfy you. If you are planning a study tour, Kerala invite you with a cluster of museums and zoos in varies parts of the place. Lets us make a glance through them.             `Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and at a distance of one kilometer from city, “Napier Museum and Zoo” is located. The Museum and the garden near to it are favourite stopovers for the foreigners as well as the country men. The Art Museum exhibit many olden paintings, some of them portraying the Rajas of Travancore. Many sculptures and other antique things are exhibited in the museum. The newer attraction at here is “The Natural History Museum” located inside the same campus. It showcases the huge collection of stuffed animals and birds. The […]

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Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit place in your Munnar trip. The trip won’t get completed without making a step to this wonderful wildlife protected area well blessed with natural beauty. The sanctuary is located in the Marayoor and Kanthalloor Panchayaths of Devikulam Taluk. This protected area is under the jurisdiction of the Eravilulam National Park which is a world renowned National Park in India. Let us make a glance through the wonderful Chinnar protected area. There are two fabulous rivers in the sanctuary. They are Chinnar River and Pambar River. Chinnar River flows in the name Amaravathi in Tamilnadu. Pambar is originated from the Anaimudi hills and it joins with the Chinnar River at Koottar. Chinnar and Pambar are two of the only four rivers among 44 that flow in eastwards. The major attraction in the Pambar River is Thoovanam Waterfalls. This beautiful waterfall that lie in the deep forest is a major tourist attraction. It is a real visual treat to watch the water that cascade down like crystals in the falls. There are many medicinal plants found near the fall. Your visit to the fall will gift you lot of surprising memories. You can see many […]

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The best Kerala packages

We know there is nothing more is to discuss about the overall charm of Kerala. This southern state of India has marked its glowing name in the world tourism map and is one of the most favorite options for any traveler in their journey. There is every sort of things to satisfy the people coming here including beaches, hill stations, museums etc. With diversified beauty and attractions, Kerala offers enough opportunities to plan different holiday packages. Let us see some of the best packages to Kerala that would make the most of your holidays. Kerala offers wonderful chances to plan a romantic holiday package. There are many nostalgic and charming stopovers at here to allure the minds of the travelers. Munnar trip is the best of them. It is a wonderful hill station located in Idukki District. The charm of valleys and forest with chilly breeze of altitudes will make your trip the most romantic. Munnar is famous all over globe for the existence of many rare and endangered species of animals and birds like Nilgiri Tahr. The lovely tea plantations, mountain drive through misty roads, views from the Top Station, and walk near Sita Devi Lake at Devikulam etc. […]

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Why to choose Boutique Resorts in Munnar?

Munnar is a wonderful hill station and you can enjoy your holidays with full energy and vigor at this destination. The lovely high range rich in natural beauty hold a colonial charm too. There are mind blowing stopovers like waterfalls, protected forest areas, and lakes etc. in and near Munnar. Thus you can’t complete the Munnar trip in a single day. You have to plan a stay at here. That will help you to enjoy the seductive night charm of Munnar too. You can plan a stay for some days to cover all attractions near Munnar and hence to make your trip most memorable. When you decide to plan accommodation in Munnar, you have plenty of options including hotels, resorts, home stays etc. You can choose the suitable one according to your taste and budget. If you are on a budget trip, then it is better to choose hotel. They are cheaper but the facilities available will be less. If you are on a honeymoon trip, then there is nothing more to plan and confuse. The best option for you in Munnar is Boutique resorts. Boutique Resorts are latest trend in holiday accommodation. The major attraction of this is that […]

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What makes Kerala so special?

Kerala is the first option for every traveler when they think of planning an exciting trip. What makes Kerala so special? It is a matter of discussion to know, what makes Kerala such an irresistible option for the tourists. Every year a huge hike in the flock of tourists is observed in the state. Tourism developments are being done every year to explore maximum benefit in this sector. If beaches are the attraction, then there is Goa. If they come for temples, northern states are better options. It is nothing but the cluster of all charismatic wonders in a single state that invites tourists to this small land. The fame of Kerala’s beauty is famous all over the globe. As you hear the name of Kerala, the visuals of coconut trees, paddy fields etc. come to your mind. Along with this, Kerala exhibits more amazing visual treats including serene beaches, thick forest areas, gurgling waterfalls, cool hill stations etc. You cannot resist the charm of these fascinations if you love nature’s beauty. The natural beauty is only one matter of attraction. There are fabulous architectural wonders that reflect the Kerala arts as well as colonial talents. Many urban attractions like […]

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Waterfalls near Munnar

Who doesn’t love to spend some exciting time at gurgling waterfalls? It is a real funny experience to watch the flow of water that creates magical charm when cascade down. There are many fabulous waterfalls near Munnar where you can spend some thrilling hours in your trip. Munnar has got more that what you need in a trip. This wonderful destination will never leave you partially satisfied. The immense beauty of valleys, shola grasslands and rare wildlife will make your trip wonderful. It will take some days to cover all major fascinations in and near Munnar. It will be great if you plan a stay at here to cover all the places. Let us see some of the mind blowing waterfalls near Munnar. On your journey from Cochin to Munnar, you can see Cheeyappara Waterfalls in the way. It is best to take a halt at this beautiful place if you are on a private vehicle. Located between Neriamangalam and Adimali, this fall invites a number of travelers nowadays. Water cascades down in seven steps and this is a real visual treat for the people. It is wise to take rest at this fabulous place than rushing to the Munnar […]

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South Kerala Attractions

Kerala is a place that demands fewer descriptions. The incomparable natural beauty of this land makes this destination an unbeatable option for the travelers. The reason why people call Kerala as the ‘God’s own country’ is the abundance of natural wealth like waterfalls, lakes, beaches, forest etc. The charm of paddy fields, coconut avenues etc. are the exclusive attractions of Kerala. Although there are 14 districts in Kerala, the major portion of attractions in Kerala falls in the south portion. Thus tourism developments are more focused to the south. With all mention to the fascinations in north like Wayanad, Kannur, Calicut etc. this time we are going for south. Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. There are many fabulous places to visit at here. The museum and zoo is the first among them. Situated about 1km away from city, this place offers as many things to spend a whole day. Zoo is wide and has a huge collection of rare animals, birds, reptiles etc. You can see some rare plants and trees from here. The Natural History Museum is a newer attraction at here. Kovalam, Varkkala, Kappil, Shangumugham are the major beaches in Trivandrum. Veli Tourist village is a […]

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Strobilanthes Kunthiana (Neelakurinji) at Munnar

Neelakurinji (Strobilanthes Kunthiana) is a rare plant that grows mainly in the shola grasslands of Western Ghats in India. This plant is famous for the fact that it blooms only once in 12 years..! This plant with several branches and blue flowers bloom in a cluster and is a magnificent visual treat to watch. The light blue color of the plant turns purple bluish when it gets aged. This rare to see plant is present in the valleys of Munnar in Idukki district of Kerala. Munnar is a romantic, misty hill station and a major tourist attraction in India. Neelakurinji plant was first seen in the vicinity of Kunthi River and hence its scientific name. The last time this flower bloomed in Munnar was in 2006. Now the world is waiting for 2018 to watch this visual extravaganza in the valleys of Nilgiris. The flowering months are from August to November. The peak tome of blooming is at the end of September and beginning of October. A huge flock of tourists from every corner of the world was observed in 2006 while this flower was bloomed in Munnar. About ten lakh tourist visited Munnar in that season. Remember that you […]

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