Best Resort in Kerala


Kerala is, inarguably, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. The various accolades, travelogues, and descriptions of tourists and travelers who have visited the place from all corners of planet earth stands witness to this fact. It has the distinction of being one of the prime tropical paradises of the world.


The beauty of Kerala can be attributed to several factors, of which the major ones are it’s position towards the end of the Indian subcontinent, close to the equator; the Western Ghats which acts as a mountain barrier in the east; the Arabian Sea forming the western border. Being sandwiched between the mountains and the sea, Kerala has unique geographical features with absolute beauty. Kerala has rainforests, decidious forests, dry forests, evergreen forests, shola forests, grasslands, mountains, hills, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, backwaters, lagoons, flatlands, swamp lands, hill stations, beaches, extensive fertile landscapes- and these are just the gifts of nature. Now you get why Kerala is fondly called as ‘God’s Own Country,’ right? The manmade attractions of the place include forts, palaces, beautiful churches, godly temples, mosques, synagogues, plantations, markets, rich culture, literature, language, delicious cuisine, and much more. The people in Kerala are also very friendly and accommodating. These are the reasons why this small destination in Kerala gives most other places like this a run for their money.

As said earlier the people at Kerala are very friendly and accommodating. The level of hospitality that you recieve at this place is unmatchable. May be that and the beauty of the place is what made many foreigners stay back in Kerala and spend their lives here. For visitors, the options available in Kerala are aplenty. There are luxury resorts, budget resorts, homestays, hotels of all classes, lodges etc all across Kerala- you don’t have to worry much about making extensive travels for sightseeing et all from the place where you stay. You can hopeon to different places and enjoy different experiences all across the state.

The resorts of Kerala and the activities that you can indulge in from them are great attractions for tourists. The most famous of the resorts are in major tourist spots like Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kovalam, Kochi, Calicut, Wayanad, Bekal etc. The houseboat cruise from the backwaters, the treks, hikes, and cool relaxation from the hillstations, sunbath, swimming, and other leisure activities from the beach resorts are all absolute tresures for anyone’s stay and visit to this wonderous destination.

SpiceTree Munnar is a new entrant in the luxury resort tourism industry of Kerala. Within a short span of two years, SpiceTree has managed to become one of the best in the state. According to many of the guests at SpiceTree, the boutique level of comfort and luxury provided by the resort is the best they have experienced yet. Also, many people keep coming back, wanting more of the Spicetree experience. What is it that make people fall so much in love with Spicetree? What makes this resort different from other resorts of the destination?

The two guiding principles of Spictree are best personal care for guests and responsible tourism. It is the utmost care which is given in these factors that builds the success story of Spicetree. Everything else follows suit when these two principles are ensured. The location of Spicetree is immensley blessed by nature. Being in the shadow of one of the greatest and tallest mountains in the Western Ghats (Chokkanmudi), facing the beautiful Bison Valley and the plantations, forests, hills etc ahead and around provides natural ambiance at it’s best for Spicetree. The resort just has to blend in with the nature around to attain the beauty.


The luxury suites, pool villas, spa, restaurant, bakery, swimming pool, walkways are all designed in such a way that the guests get perfect relaxation, enjoying the beauty of nature around. Various other activities are also organized by Spicetree- treks, plantation walks, tea factory visit, dolmen visit, etc are just some of them. Spicetree also believes in giving back to nature, as a jesture of our gratitude towards nature for its immense blessings. The initiative of reforesting 2 acres of land near Spicetree is one recent example. Some of the guests are also interested in our initiatives and help out in ways they can.

Spicetree is not just any resort in the grand destination that is Kerala- it is an experience in itself!