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Feeding the Needy with ‘Operation Sulaimani’

When the District Collector of Kozhikode, Kerala Sri. N. Prashanth announced ‘Operation Sulaimani’ on his Facebook page on 23rd April, 2015, it was the beginning of a fresh leaf of a brand new book. The district of Kozhikode has always known to have a great deal of respect for its guests and there was no better ground than Kozhikode to kickstart this new project. The collector wrote on his Facebook page: We often see people standing in long que (sic) for a meal losing their self respect. It’s obvious there are hungry people in this city, as much as those who are willing to give food. District administration has put together a simple system to feed those who are hungry with self respect. A small idea is taking shape in consultation with organisations related to hospitality industry. Instead of alms, this is an attempt to ensure that they can eat with dignity in a restaurant like anyone else. Hotel and Restaurant Associations as well as related organisations have responded positively to this suggestion. By second week of May, we are planning to launch the initiative that ensures that the hungry gets to eat with dignity. Care is taken to have […]

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Jaggery for the Hungry! (Snacks of Kerala – Part II)

Jaggery is as much a part of the cuisine of Kerala as sugar is. A lot of dishes – snacks, desserts are made using jaggery. Experts say that there are many benefits of using jaggery over sugar in your daily diet. Let us look at some of the snacks that are made using jaggery as the sweetener. 1. Kozhukkatta One of the snacks made in connection to the festival of Easter in Christian households, the availability of kozhukkatta however does not confine itself into that particular time of the year. It is relished as an evening snack in a regular Malayali’s household. Even though the kozhukkatta looks pretty bland, the flavour of grated coconut, jaggery and cardamon when you bite into the rice flour coating makes you want to grab for many more off the plate. 2. Unniyappam One of the authentic snacks of Kerala, this would be one of those snacks which is available in plenty all throughout Kerala. Almost all the bakeries will have a stack of packets of freshly made unniyappam by the counter if they are not sold out by then. Constituted mainly of rice flour and mashed ripe bananas, the taste of this coconut oil […]

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Go Bananas over the Snacks of Kerala! (Snacks of Kerala – Part I)

The people of Kerala are very passionate about their food. The variety of snacks they have for evening tea is enough to prove this point. Kerala is blessed with different types of fruits. Bananas, jackfruits, and mangoes are at plenty in Kerala, and they are made good use of right from when they are young to when they are ripe. First of all, there are different types of bananas available in Kerala, in different colours and sizes. Bananas from other places are also quite on demand there. Some of them include njaalipoovan, ethappazham, cherupazham, mysorepazham, kadalipazham, cherupazham etc. Out of these, ethappazham is the one used most to make snacks – in both raw and ripe form. Let us look at some of the mouthwatering signature snacks of Kerala made of bananas: 1. Pazhampori/ Banana Fritters This is the snack most of the Malayalis who live outside Kerala get nostalgic of. Ripe ethappazham is sliced thinly and is coated in a mixture of maida, rice flour, water, sugar and a pinch of salt and is deep fried in coconut oil. This is now served as a delicacy in a lot of places. But, if you want to have Pazhampori in its […]

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If You Are in Kerala, You Have to Visit a Dam!

Kerala is a land which gets a lot of rain. The major source of electricity is also water here. So also, there are many dams throughout Kerala for this purpose. But, many of them are not just places of electricity production. It is also very much spots of tourist attraction mostly because the areas they are situated in are are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. 1. Mullaperiyar Dam Located on the Cardomom Hills of the Western Ghats in Thekkady, Idukki it lies on river Periyar. This is one of the most controversial dams as there is a dispute regarding its ownership between the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Having nearly 120 years of history, this dam is known for its brilliant architecture. There are also facilities for speed boating through the dam. The dam is located around the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and is noted as an elephant and tiger reserve. Apart from this, you can also get a glimpse of live wildlife, birds and animals alike. The sight of submerged trees in Periyar Lake is one of a kind. The place is also home to many rare species of fauna. You will also be able to […]

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Make the Most of It If You Have 24 Hours in Hyderabad

How much of Hyderabad can you see in a day? If my calculations are right, and if you have the energy, you can see a lot of it. 1. Sunrise at Moula Ali Located around 10 kms from Secunderabad railway station, this suburb has a Dargah on top of a hill with steps leading to the most beautiful sunrise and sunset view in Hyderabad. 2. Breakfast at Ram ki Bandi Around 12 kms from Moula Ali, situated opposite the Karachi Bakery near Mozamjhahi market, you will not miss this small place for the crowd it will have in front of it. Open from 3a.m to 8 a.m, they serve a variety of dosas including butter, paneer, cheese, and others. This is one of the most opted breakfast places of Hyderabad. 3. Charminar, Mecca Masjid, and Laad Bazaar 4 kms away from Ram ki Bandi is the architectural marvel of Charminar. And to its southwest lies the Mecca Masjid, one of the oldest mosques in Hyderabad. The three arched facades of the mosque were carved from one piece of granite, and it is a visually stunning sight with flying pigeons and the water pool. If you are in Hyderabad, the city […]

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Have You Packed All the Essentials?

You have decided to make a trip. All arrangements done, and now the only thing left is for you to pack. For a lot of people, packing is a big headache, and often forget to pack one thing or the other. Let us look at what all you must carry while you are taking a trip.   1. Tickets and ID cards A lot of booking is done via online these days. Even though in most of the cases, e-tickets are officially accepted, it is always better to carry a printout of the ticket just in case your gadgets decide to go on a strike. At least write down your ticket or PNR number just in case there is an emergency. If you are travelling by air, many carriers offer web check in. So make sure you note down the details of that as well. Also carry two ID cards with you. One in your wallet and one in your bag for backup. In India, it can be anything from your passport, or Voter’s ID or your ration card.   2. Money This is the age of internet banking and ATMs. But, it still wouldn’t hurt to carry some money around […]

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Kozhikode for the Youngsters!

Kozhikode a.k.a Calicut is famous for its unique food, culture, and the country’s most genuine auto rickshaw drivers. When it comes to sight-seeing in the heart of the city, there might just be the Mananchira Square, the Thali temple and a few other places. For shopping, you can just walk into the Sweet Market street (S.M. Street). But when it comes to food, it will become difficult to cover the specialties of Kozhikode in even a week, i.e. even after you eat different dishes three times a day, and then pack your Kozhikode special halwa and banana chips for your way back. These are with no doubt things you shouldn’t miss when you are in Calicut. But, if you want to know the pulse of the youngsters in Calicut town, you should certainly visit some of these below mentioned places. 1. Brown Town A sister cafe of the ever famous Paragon restaurant which serves brilliant appam, prawns roast, ghee rice, etc., Brown Town serves mouth watering desserts, pastries, and Indian sweets. There are two branches of Brown Town – one right opposite the Paragon restaurant on the Kannur Road, and the other at Focus mall, right outside M Grill, the […]

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6 Tips to Become a ‘Tour-veller’

Most people think that the difference between a tourist and a traveller is essentially the nature of their planning. It is commonly thought that while a tourist plans his/her travel, the traveller just goes with the flow. Well, this might not be always the case. And what do you think would be even better? Yes, that is right – if we could have the best of both the worlds! A tourist plans, yes, and so can a traveller! The tourist might already know where s/he is going to spend the night, the places s/he is going to visit, the mode of transport s/he is going to take etc. Now what can a traveller do to make the best out of his/her journey? It is time to take out the smart phone! 1. Choose your Destination If you are on the train/bus already and still deciding a destination, do a quick google search for the kind of place you feel like going. E.g. type in beach, lake, trekking, adventure, sunrise, serene or anything that fits your mood into the search bar and look at the results. It is more than likely that you will find your most apt destination. If you […]

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Kerala Travel Mart 2014 – The Ultimate Travel Fest

Kerala Travel Mart, or fondly referred to as KTM, is a one of its kind event which showcases the most popular tourism brand in India, the state of Kerala. In the recent years, Kerala has grown to be one of Asia’s most visited and popular tourist destinations. Kerala Travel Mart focuses on the large tourism potential that kerala holds and brings together Tand sellers to the same foyer, which helps the industry, tourists as well as the people of Kerala. KTM is a biennial event which saw its beginning in the year 2000 when a group of visionaries came together and pooled in their ideas and ways of thought into action for the betterment of Kerala as a tourist destination. The buyers and sellers who have come together in the past seven times the event was conducted saw tremendous increase not only in terms of number but also in terms of standard and global approach. There was a record participation of over 1250 buyers from above 50 countries in the previous KTM event which was held in 2012. Leading global superpower nations have recognized the potential that this event and destination holds and have extended great support in every step […]

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Malayalam: The Classical Language

Malayalam is a classical language spoken in India. It is the official language of Kerala and is used predominantly in Kerala, Lakshadweep and Mahe (a part of Puducherry union territory). The land of Kerala is so beautiful and so is the language. The charm of Malayalam is famous all over the world. It belongs to the Dravidian family of languages and has got a legacy of centuries. Malayalam has got its own scrip and the word ‘Malayalam’ is written as ‘മലയാളം’. It is said that Malayalam language was originated in 6th century from the Old Tamil language. Ezhuthachan is known as the father of Malayalam. The language has observed many changes and influences from other languages including Tamil, Hindi and English and presently about 35 million people are speaking this language. Along with Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, Malayalam is declared as the fourth classical language in south India by the Union cabinet. After this the importance of Malayalam is enhanced in the global level. The richness of Kerala culture and Malayalam is already famous and this title of classical language will call up more attention of the world to this small state of India. Malayalam language has a total of 53 […]

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