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Why Choose Boutique Resorts?

Boutique Resorts are becoming a trend at a hot pick in most of the holiday destinations. Most of the travellers show interest in choosing rooms in boutique resorts especially couples. Now the question is ‘Why to choose Boutique Resorts over other options?’ Let us read more and learn more about it. First we should know what a boutique resort means. These are small, pleasing resorts that offer the customers an added privacy and comfort. Usually boutique resort consists of only 10 to 100 rooms. And you think of the freedom you gonna get in such a place where there is only limited customers. Usually in hotels, the number of rooms will be more and facilities will be less. The disturbances from other clients in the hotel and the noise are the major issues that you face in such places. But here in boutique resorts the rooms will be less and thus the peace will be more. You are assured privacy and freedom. Another major attraction of boutique resort is that you don’t see or face the other clients. This will ensure your privacy and you get a world of your own in the resort. Have you ever thought of staying […]

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Most Exciting Kerala Packages

Redefine the essence of romance with the glorious destinations in Kerala. It is the time to explore the diversified beauty of this wonderful land. Kerala is a real paradise. Choose the best package that suits your tastes to enjoy the beauty of this small state of India. There are 14 districts in Kerala that holds a unique charm with diversity in culture and climate. Let us plan a short trip to explore the northern districts. You can land at Calicut International Airport. It will be a great experience to visit Kappad Beach where Vasco Da Gama landed Kerala for trading. Calicut is a land of delicious cusines. The Halwa, Biriyani etc. are exclusive specialities of Calicut. You can precede the trip to Wayanad which is a fabulous hill station. The major attractions at here are Pookkodu Lake, Edakkal Caves, Thamarashery Churam and  Kurava Island etc. The wildlife of Wayanad is enigmatic and worth to visit. Nearby is Kannur district where you can watch St. Angelo Fort near the city. Payyambalam Beach is a calm and beautiful beach where you can see the burial spots of many famous politicians in Kerala. If you are on your own vehicle, there is Muzhuppilangadu […]

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Vagamon: A Paradise

Vagamon is a lovely hill station in Kerala having unique charm and attraction. This mind blowing holiday destination is located in Kottayam – Idukki border. It has a cool climate all over the seasons and this in fact attracts most of the travellers. The major fascinations of this hill station are greenish meadows and beautiful pine forests. Your visit to here will be a romantic and memorable experience with mist and fog on the valleys. The valleys of Vagamon are mesmerizing with many rare flowering plants. The religious harmony of this place is reflected by three hills, Thangal, Murugan and Kurishumala which represents Muslim, Hindu and Christian religions. All these facts make Vagamon hill station unique from others. The valleys, meadows, and pine forest at here are a favourite spot for film crews. Many films mainly song sequences were shot here. There are even more specialities for this wonderful hill station. Vagamon is a great option for adventure travellers. There are ample opportunities for trekking, rock climbing and mountaineering etc. at here. Being located at the trim of Western Ghats, Vagamon is rich in many breath taking hill slopes. You can enjoy mountain driving on your way to this beautiful […]

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Study Trip to Kerala

Kerala is the first option for anybody who prefers to make a tip to celebrate their holidays.  This wonderful place holds many fascinating attractions including natural wonders and architectural marvels. Haven’t you ever thought of making a trip to this paradise on earth? If so, don’t waste more time for the calculations. Kerala won’t disappoint you in any case. No matter the purpose of your visit, the fun will be greatest at Kerala. Now if you are planning a study trip and you are thinking that Kerala is not a better option, then you are going wrong. There are many mind-blowing destinations which are informative and must watch for the students at Kerala. They will have a great learning experience here. They can learn about the nature, culture, history etc. of Kerala. The cultural legacy of Kerala itself is a great topic to learn. Let us start with a different topic, the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats I Kerala is spread along its mainland. The forest areas and the hill stations in Kerala are treasure troves of knowledge. There are many endangered animals, birds etc. at there and you can spot many medicinal plants there. In order to make the […]

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Nilgiri Tahr: Exclusive attraction of Munnar

Western Ghats have been a chapter of mystery for everybody.  The rich wildlife in the forest areas are a matter of fascination for all the travellers at here. Many rare organisms are seen and recorded here. Many of them are endangered species too. In order to conserve these endangered species of flora and fauna, many forest areas were announced as buffer zones and many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries etc. were created. Munnar with its glorious charm and ambience stand as the most visited hill station in Kerala. This wonderful high range area in Western Ghats is a treasure of many precious species of animals, birds, butterflies, plants, trees etc. The climate is moderate and is chillier in the peak seasons. This attracts visitors from all corner of the world to here. The nature lovers visit here to spot the endangered organisms at here. The first of them is the Nilgiri Tahr which is an exclusive attraction of Munnar valleys and premises.   The Nilgiri Tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) is a type of goat found in the valleys of western Ghats. This animal finds its habitat at grasslands with steep rocky shelters. Eravikulam National Park at Munnar protects Nilgiri Tahr and provides […]

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Spice Plantations at Western Ghats

Western Ghats are well known all over the globe for its spice gardens. You can see large plantations of different spices, tea, coffee etc. on your drive through the Western Ghats. The major portion of spice collection of India comes from the Western Ghats only. These plantations give the high range a classical elegance to attract travellers and at the same time it supports the economy to a greater extend. The Cardamom Hills at the southern part is famous for cardamom spice plantations. The climate at here well supports the cultivation. This portion of Western Ghats is under the consideration of UNESCO World Heritage Committee as a World Heritage Site. Cardamom is known as the Queen of Spices. On your trip to Munnar, the most beautiful hill station of Kerala, you can plan a visit to these spice plantations of Western Ghats and can learn about the agriculture of India. Your visit to the spice plantations will be a rare and great experience for you. Now let us come to the King of Spices. Black Pepper is a widely used spice in India. 17 piper species are reported at Western Ghats. In them about 12 of them are endemic. At […]

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Anamudi Shola National Park

The protected areas in Western Ghats is always a mysterious chapter with the richness of rare plants, trees, animals, birds and butterflies etc. These are all real fascinations to the nature lovers all over the world. Many travellers allure to the hill stations at Western Ghats to witness this charm close to their eyes. Even you would have wondered many times watching the charismatic photographs of Western Ghats. The protected areas in Western Ghats provides safe and comfortable habitat to these wild species of flora and fauna. Anamudi Shola National Park is in the Idukki District of Kerala and it includes Mannavan Shola, Idivara Shola and Pullardi Shola. The national park is spread in an area of 7.5 km² and is a treasure trove of many endemic wild organisms. This park is under the administration of Munnar Wildlife Division and the travellers reaching Munnar hill station usually find time to visit this fabulous protected area. This park receives high rainfall and this boost up the condition for wild species to exist and thrive. Located about 45 km from Munnar, this National Park is a real fascination to the nature lovers. The people reaching Munnar can plan a night stay at […]

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Visual roar of Kerala

Kerala is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Same Is the reason why people call this land as God’s own country. Kerala is well blessed with all kinds of nature’s gifts like rivers, lakes, beaches, forest, waterfalls etc. The nature’s miracles at Kerala are a matter of surprise for everybody in the world. Each spot of Kerala is a visual treat to the people here. Most of the travellers from all corners of the globe find time to visit Kerala once in life to see the visual roar of this land. Let us make a plan to cover all the major destinations in Kerala that invite tourists with their visual charisma. Here are the list of places and functions that you should watch for must in Kerala. Those colourful visuals will be the best ones in your life. Starting from the natural wonders, let us say about the beaches. Kovalam and Varkkala Beaches at Trivandrum district are the mostly visited spots in Kerala. Both are serene beaches with golden sand and a sunny beach to enjoy sunbathing. Shangumugham, Veli are other beaches in Trivandrum. Alleppy, Kollam, Cochin, Calicut and Kannur are some of the other places where […]

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Birds at Munnar

Munnar is a home to many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. As this wonderful destination exhibit stupendous natural beauty, this is a favourite spot for the travellers reaching Kerala. They find time to visit this hill station not only to watch the nature’s gifts like valleys, waterfalls etc. but also to enjoy the romance of cool climate and its seduction. Munnar holds a magnetic beauty that attracts travellers from all corners of the world. The abundance of forest areas in the Western Ghats provided the birds and animals a safe shelter to live. You can see a number of rare birds and animals in the protected areas in Munnar. Kerala has got many spots that attract bird watcher and ornithologists like Thattekkad, pakshipathalam, Kumarakom etc. Still Munnar is a hotspot for them because of the presence of some birds that you can see exclusively on Munnar only. The mighty Western Ghats is a treasure trove of many rare and beautiful birds. There are about 500 species of birds found at the Western Ghats. Some of them are endemic species. Rufous breasted Laughingthrush, the vulnerable Nilgiri Wood pigeon, White bellied Shortwing and Broad-tailed Grassbird, Grey breasted Laughingthrush, Black and rufous Flycatcher are some […]

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Kundala: A must go near Munnar

Munnar is the most famous hill station and the mostly visited tourist location in Kerala. Located in Idukki district, Munnar is blessed with ever green forest and many other natural gifts including lakes, waterfalls etc. The cool hill station is an ideal spot for honeymoon couples. You can enjoy some great days at here with the beauty of valleys, enigma of forest and romance of climate. It will be great if you plan a stay at a better resort and visit all the fabulous places near Munnar. SpiceTree Resort is a good option for you. They provide better service with luxurious facilities. You can enjoy more privacy in the rooms at here. As you visit the nearby places at Munnar, the first impression for you will be Kundala that you see on your way to Top Station. This is a pristine spot that you will go loved at your first visit. This place is blessed with abundant natural beauty and a calm environment. On your way to Top Station, you can make a halt at Kundala and can cover the major fascinations at here. Kundala tea plantations are the first of them. The greenish valleys covered with tea plantations is […]

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