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Feeding the Needy with ‘Operation Sulaimani’

When the District Collector of Kozhikode, Kerala Sri. N. Prashanth announced ‘Operation Sulaimani’ on his Facebook page on 23rd April, 2015, it was the beginning of a fresh leaf of a brand new book. The district of Kozhikode has always known to have a great deal of respect for its guests and there was no better ground than Kozhikode to kickstart this new project. The collector wrote on his Facebook page: We often see people standing in long que (sic) for a meal losing their self respect. It’s obvious there are hungry people in this city, as much as those who are willing to give food. District administration has put together a simple system to feed those who are hungry with self respect. A small idea is taking shape in consultation with organisations related to hospitality industry. Instead of alms, this is an attempt to ensure that they can eat with dignity in a restaurant like anyone else. Hotel and Restaurant Associations as well as related organisations have responded positively to this suggestion. By second week of May, we are planning to launch the initiative that ensures that the hungry gets to eat with dignity. Care is taken to have […]

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Jaggery for the Hungry! (Snacks of Kerala – Part II)

Jaggery is as much a part of the cuisine of Kerala as sugar is. A lot of dishes – snacks, desserts are made using jaggery. Experts say that there are many benefits of using jaggery over sugar in your daily diet. Let us look at some of the snacks that are made using jaggery as the sweetener. 1. Kozhukkatta One of the snacks made in connection to the festival of Easter in Christian households, the availability of kozhukkatta however does not confine itself into that particular time of the year. It is relished as an evening snack in a regular Malayali’s household. Even though the kozhukkatta looks pretty bland, the flavour of grated coconut, jaggery and cardamon when you bite into the rice flour coating makes you want to grab for many more off the plate. 2. Unniyappam One of the authentic snacks of Kerala, this would be one of those snacks which is available in plenty all throughout Kerala. Almost all the bakeries will have a stack of packets of freshly made unniyappam by the counter if they are not sold out by then. Constituted mainly of rice flour and mashed ripe bananas, the taste of this coconut oil […]

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Go Bananas over the Snacks of Kerala! (Snacks of Kerala – Part I)

The people of Kerala are very passionate about their food. The variety of snacks they have for evening tea is enough to prove this point. Kerala is blessed with different types of fruits. Bananas, jackfruits, and mangoes are at plenty in Kerala, and they are made good use of right from when they are young to when they are ripe. First of all, there are different types of bananas available in Kerala, in different colours and sizes. Bananas from other places are also quite on demand there. Some of them include njaalipoovan, ethappazham, cherupazham, mysorepazham, kadalipazham, cherupazham etc. Out of these, ethappazham is the one used most to make snacks – in both raw and ripe form. Let us look at some of the mouthwatering signature snacks of Kerala made of bananas: 1. Pazhampori/ Banana Fritters This is the snack most of the Malayalis who live outside Kerala get nostalgic of. Ripe ethappazham is sliced thinly and is coated in a mixture of maida, rice flour, water, sugar and a pinch of salt and is deep fried in coconut oil. This is now served as a delicacy in a lot of places. But, if you want to have Pazhampori in its […]

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