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Have You Packed All the Essentials?

You have decided to make a trip. All arrangements done, and now the only thing left is for you to pack. For a lot of people, packing is a big headache, and often forget to pack one thing or the other. Let us look at what all you must carry while you are taking a trip.   1. Tickets and ID cards A lot of booking is done via online these days. Even though in most of the cases, e-tickets are officially accepted, it is always better to carry a printout of the ticket just in case your gadgets decide to go on a strike. At least write down your ticket or PNR number just in case there is an emergency. If you are travelling by air, many carriers offer web check in. So make sure you note down the details of that as well. Also carry two ID cards with you. One in your wallet and one in your bag for backup. In India, it can be anything from your passport, or Voter’s ID or your ration card.   2. Money This is the age of internet banking and ATMs. But, it still wouldn’t hurt to carry some money around […]

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6 Tips to Become a ‘Tour-veller’

Most people think that the difference between a tourist and a traveller is essentially the nature of their planning. It is commonly thought that while a tourist plans his/her travel, the traveller just goes with the flow. Well, this might not be always the case. And what do you think would be even better? Yes, that is right – if we could have the best of both the worlds! A tourist plans, yes, and so can a traveller! The tourist might already know where s/he is going to spend the night, the places s/he is going to visit, the mode of transport s/he is going to take etc. Now what can a traveller do to make the best out of his/her journey? It is time to take out the smart phone! 1. Choose your Destination If you are on the train/bus already and still deciding a destination, do a quick google search for the kind of place you feel like going. E.g. type in beach, lake, trekking, adventure, sunrise, serene or anything that fits your mood into the search bar and look at the results. It is more than likely that you will find your most apt destination. If you […]

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