Are you ready to breathe the rhythm of Nature?
Are you ready to taste the food born out of love and respect for the land?
Are you ready to discover the redolent and harmonious corner of Munnar?

You’re at the right place – Spicetree!

We love our land! We got a passion for nature! Everything we grew in our land communicate one single message – We’re Organic!

As a team, we love focusing on those little details – Wholesome eating, relaxation, and tradition. That’s why we choose Munnar, among the lush green hills, isolated from the hustle and bustle.


We operate according to the best organic farming methods, keeping up with the harmony with the existing environment. We use the method of crop rotation and all other natural practices to maintain the fertility of the soil. Every product is grown giving personal care and attention. The products grown in our land is used for the needs of our restaurant and in the preparation of dishes and specialties to serve our guests. In case of shortage, the farm products are bought from local farmers who go by organic means of cultivation.


Our Principles
We try to choose non-contaminated soil for the cultivation. We believe in the biodiversity of the soil, and use only natural methods of fertilizers, soil building, and pest management. We don’t use Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds for cultivation. Our farm is 100% organic crop production.


How we strive to be Organic?
We forbid ourselves from using any artificial or synthetic chemicals. Instead, we use herbal and plant-based solutions for pest control, preventing diseases and for attracting beneficial organisms, like, ladybugs, butterflies, bees and other friendly bugs. The seeds used for cultivation is naturally grown. GMO seeds are not used in our land. Natural fertilizers are used and are made out of compost and other natural wastes.

Yes, we are responsible!

Wishing you a dream holiday with culinary happiness!