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Tea fields and beyond…

On a first impression she was quiet shy, yet her instinctive confidence was vivid in the beautiful sparkling eyes. Her eyes put you in the magic of the mountain gods. Her slender yet healthy figure was instantly charming and could easily communicate with an outsider with a welcome smile of the migrants of the high ranges . I asked her the road signs to the Bison valley village as I was my maiden drive, in my small Spark to Spice Tree resort project towards Muttukadu and Anayirangal dam from Adimaly. I took a deviation from Kochi – Madurai NH 49 with in 45 minutes I was in Bison Valley village. It was a beautiful drive along the black pepper and nutmeg farms, cardamom estate small and big, organic farms of cash crops such as ginger and turmeric and finally the valley ends with paddy fields. These paddy fields are probably at a highest altitude in south India, producing some high quality rice varieties. It was surprising to see the paddy fields at a few kilometers distance from the Kanan Devan Tea Hills, South of the Chokkan Mudi Peak. After I cross the Bison Valley village, I reached another agri village […]

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Kolukkumalai Expedition

The following is a description of an exciting photography expedition to Kolukkumalai, about 40 km from Munnar, boardering with TamilNadu. Me and Biji Started from Cochin on May 14, at 9.30 P.M. Everything went smooth till the call of nature struck when we were just before the town of Adimally. We parked the car on a shoulder of the road which was fairly wide, opposite to the Eastern’s School. When we were about to get back in to the car, I noticed that the cars wind shield needed cleaning. Biji agreed. But remembered that the washer fluid container was empty. This is when the trouble started. He took a water bottle and got out after turning the engine and light on so that we could get some light for pouring the water in to the washer container. Bad luck struck. Biji closed the door and all doors got locked. Got locked out about midnight in the middle of nowhere. If Biji had not turned the lights on we would have been completely in the dark. Started waving hands to Autos which passed by at very small intervals. No one stopped. Then one auto stopped. Biji went to a workshop and […]

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Chokra Mudi Summit

Our team came to Muttukadu on a friday night. Then we camped at SpiceTree. Muttukadu is a nice, cool, quiet area with scattered cardamom plantations. Early morning on Saturday we travelled to Chinnakanal, where we had breakfast. We picked up some food to go. As we got out of the restaurant a bull- bull flew colose to our heads and dived down to the bushes hebind us on the front pillar of the restaurant. We got curious as to where he landed, and got our camera ready. We were so surprised to see a nest in the lower branches. The nest was not complete. We wainted for the bull- bull to come back to the nest. But never did. So decided to proceed to the foot hills of Chokkra Mudi for the Trekking. We were soon proceeding through the gap road. Travelled about 8 km to the hiking start point. Parked the car at the foothills, and we started climbing. The weather was hot & sunny. The terrain was dry and not slippery. So the first few feet was just fine. But then it got really steep. We kept going. Reached the first rocky, but flat formation. Stopped for a […]

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