The Cardamom Lounge

The Cardamom Lounge at SpiceTree Munnar is a tranquil haven nestled amidst the lush greenery of the Western Ghats. This luxurious lounge offers a sensory journey that combines the essence of nature with impeccable hospitality.

As you step into the Cardamom Lounge, you are greeted by the soothing aroma of cardamom, which is not only a spice but also a symbol of warm hospitality in Kerala. The lounge’s design seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings, featuring natural recycled wood and earthy tones in an open setting that frame panoramic views of the Western Ghats.

The lounge is an ideal place to unwind and savour a cup of exquisite, locally sourced tea or coffee and enjoy the artfully crafted mocktails. Guests can choose from an array of traditional South Indian snacks and delicacies, all prepared with a modern twist. The menu showcases the
rich flavours of Kerala cuisine, with a focus on fresh ingredients and bold spices, including the namesake cardamom.

What sets the Cardamom Lounge apart is its commitment to sustainability. Many of the ingredients used are sourced from SpiceTree’s own organic farms, ensuring both freshness and eco-friendliness. This dedication to the environment extends to the lounge’s architecture and
practices, making it a responsible choice for travellers.

Whether you’re here to relax after a day of exploring Munnar’s scenic beauty or seeking an authentic culinary experience, the Cardamom Lounge at SpiceTree Munnar offers a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and comfort that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. It’s a place where time seems to slow down, allowing you to savour the beauty of the Western Ghats while indulging in the flavours of Kerala.