The Bliss – Mountain Spa

Our Spa treatments are based upon centuries old natural herbal therapies that support, balance and give bliss in life. The revitalizing and therapeutic treatments offered are customized to your specific needs. Your therapist will use specific oils, herbs and aromas chosen to provide you with optimal balance and nourishment to activate your mind-body orchestration. All therapies are natural, gentle and delightfully pleasing.

Herbal therapies are hinged on the simple reality that we are all part and parcel of nature; bonded inseparably. Just as animals and plants live in harmony with nature and abide by the laws of nature, if we are tuned to the ways of nature, we can experience healing, peace and stability for both body and mind.

The spa should not be mistaken for an Ayurvedic Panchakarma center. Instead, it provides a complete rejuvenation and relaxation session by professionally trained masseurs.

There are 2 therapy rooms. One is single bedded and the other is twin bedded for couples. Bathroom is equipped with rain shower and a bath tub.

At the corridor, you will have an encounter with a ‘world of spices’. Western Ghats is home to a wide variety of rare herbs and spices. Some of them are endangered species of flora. At the corridor, we have displayed 64 vital herbs and spices that are the basis for all Ayurvedic formulations. Just a visit to the spa will facilitate a rare encounter with these most precious medicinal herbs and spices. The spa is a rare soothing experience that could transform your body. It could rejuvenate your body and mind like magic.

The Bliss-Mountain Spa is designed to meet technical perfection. We have aDouble Spa Suite especially conceived for the honeymooners or couples.