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Nature holds a healing potential, which has been known for centuries, be it taking time to smell the flowers, meditating in a peaceful mountain, stretching down on a grass covered field, strolling by a meandering stream, or hiking in a resplendent tropical rain forest.

"Nature cures, not the physician."- Hippocrates


rooms & suites

Here, in this pause between two worlds
We stand, arm in arm.
And as we step forward together, Let the sunlight ripple your mind
And the breeze prepare you to let go.

Pool Villa

What’s awaiting you is a panoramic view of the sprawling landscape of forest and mountains. In Private Pool Villa You.

Classic Cottage with Jaccuzi

What makes something 'classic'? 'Classic' is something that is of the best of its kind in a certain period of.

Honeymoon Spa Suite

Love is a beautiful thing. When everything else around you conspires together to enhance the experience of it, the emotion.


Set in the scenic heartland between the evergreen Kannan Devan Hills and Bison Valley Hills, SpiceTree is a unique mountain retreat. Spicetree is an experience in itself. What really sets it way ahead of the league is the level of personal care and attention given to the guests, gaining it the status of a luxury 5 Star boutique resort.

Spicetree has 14 luxurious suites and 2 individual pool­villas in the resort for the precious guests. The pool­villas are designed for the convenience of families and people who are in need of a little more luxury and space. The unique location, design, and architecture of Spicetree is in such a way that each suite offers a wonderful view of the scenic mountains, forest, and the valley around.

Activities are aplenty for the guests to indulge in and complete the Spicetree experience. Among the most favourites are the unique rejuvenation sessions at the spa at SpiceTree ('The Bliss'). Other experiences include Yoga and Meditation sessions, Tea Tasting, Ethnic Cooking classes, Treks, Soft Treks, Book Bar, Plantation Walks, Swimming Pool, Bison Valley Village Tour, Nature Expeditions, Photography Expeditions, Dolmen Visit, and Tea and Cardamom Field Visits. Our multi-cuisine restaurant with its expert team of chefs will surprise you with each and every dish that is served to you.

SpiceTree considers responsible tourism as the norm to follow always. The base to this is the strong belief that we have to be grateful of the gifts that nature has given us. Being close to nature is the best way for relaxation, rejuvenation, and inspiration- we know it, and we want you to feel it.

Experience Expanded

"It is the journey itself and our experiences along the way that matters."

Director's Message


Welcome to SpiceTree, an initiative where you feel one step closer to nature, always. Every human being should be aware of the fact that the whole world is a gift to us, mankind. It is our duty to not disturb the equilibrium that is set by nature around us, I feel so. Human needs are special and we are supported by nature in our ventures. But it should never mean that we have the right to destroy the balance of nature. SpiceTree aims to revive the notion of that serene balance and harmony between humans and nature in you. Visit Personal Website

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Travel across windswept grasslands and misty mountain ranges; savour aromatic spice bazaars and experience a life-changing adventure through the Sahyadris.