300 BC Bakery

300 BC­ A Karma Coffee Shop is like any other coffee shop + bakery you might have seen or been to­ except with a twist. Karma, the Sanskrit word, is the best way to describe it. We believe that food preparation is an art. The taste of the food is enhanced when it is not created by a machine. There is a bit of love and effort which comes in between. All breads and pizzas at 300 BC are handmade in a country oven­ just the way it should be.

Why 300 BC?

Why not 300 BC? When one goes through various events that shaped world history, 300 th Century BC had many major contributions for mankind. It was the time when BC or 4 modern civilizations began to evolve all over the world. It was the time when the non-
violent teachings of Jainism began to come to the fore, all over the Indian subcontinent.

300 BC was the time when the mighty Spartans decided to fight the gigantic force of the Greek (“THIS IS SPARTA!” Remember the movie and the scene?). Moreover, it was the time when baking flourished, in the Roman Empire. Baking as a means of food preparation began it’s journey of wide acceptance from this era.

Tea Tasting

Our tea tasting sessions are conducted here. For those who are interested, a detailed tea tasting experience can be conducted upon prior request. You will be briefed on the production of tea, and introduced to the different varieties of tea available in Munnar. It is conducted between 4 to 5 pm, and the session ends with high tea.