The SpiceTree swimming pool is the first and the only solar heated out-door pool in Kerala, with a stunning Bison Valley view. We use mountain spring water. It will be a unique experience to swim in such pristine water, watching the picturesque Bison Valley Mountain Ranges to the side. It is not a very deep pool. This allows children also to be entertained. The sides of the pool have a wooden deck, with pool side chairs to relax.

You will be delighted to experience a naturally heated pool in such a marvelous ambience. We would like to inform all our guests that the pool water is being heated only by harvesting solar energy with 19 large panels. However being in Munnar , during monsoon and on cloudy summer days the desired temperature is relatively low. If you don’t feel like being in the water, you can also catch some sun by relaxing on the pool-side couches with your reading material. The ambience is also ideal for photography. You can freeze some wonderful moments here for your family album.