SpiceTree Resort

Nestled among the most pristine mountain ranges of Kanan Devan and Bison Valley Hills, Munnar, the charming chalets of SpiceTree offer the perfect tranquillity for a genuine `mountain retreat’ with incredible views of the verdant valley below. Here, you will feel a positive transformation and a well- being that cannot be described in words. Your inner voice will keep reminding you how invaluable peace of mind can be. Your memory bank will absorb images that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

The constant cool and fresh breeze comes blended with the scent of wild forest flowers and the spicy mist adorned aroma of leaves and bark.

You will begin to feel a spontaneous and inseparable oneness with the elements of nature which evokes a spirituality that you may not have experienced before. If you are contemplating such a unique holiday experience that could overhaul your body and mind, SpiceTree welcomes you, with warmth. For those looking for a honeymoon getaway, our chalets provide the ideal romantic ambience for an unforgettable and thrilling experience. Besides, you will appreciate the privacy and the total security. While staying with us, the compelling thought of not wanting to leave this haven of inspiration and rejuvenation will keep haunting you.

Our guests seem to share a common thought. “Wish I could come back to SpiceTree sometime soon”! We strongly recommend that you pack your swimwear and a pair of sneakers. SpiceTree has a solar heated outdoor swimming pool with organic mountain spring water that is sparkling clean at all times. You need the sneakers for trekking, hiking, plantation walk, casual walk etc.

The word ‘high range’

There is a very precious factor about the High Ranges that is usually taken for granted or ignored. The Western Ghats which stretches for 1600 KM through the borders of Kerala is genuinely the back bone of South India. In this entire stretch of beautiful mountain ranges, only one specific area is called the High Ranges; and Bison Valley where the SpiceTree is situated is in the centre of the High Range. When you drive for 30 minutes towards East, West, South or North, you are bound to realize this fact.

The best quality pepper and cardamom are produced in Bison Valley and surrounding villages by the local small scale farmers. Besides, the word High Range rings a romantic note while it evokes feelings of cool emotion. At the high ranges of a mountain you expect peace, silence, cool breeze, brooks, small waterfalls, chirping of birds and distant mountains in shades of grey holding its own mystery. That is exactly what you will see and feel at SpiceTree. The activities made available at SpiceTree will give you a first hand knowledge about the uniqueness of the High Range.

“Nature cures, not the physician”