The natural surroundings, the woods, the fauna, the valleys, the walks, the mountains, and the highlands are covered with tea plantations. When you hear about top locations to visit in Munnar, these pictures immediately come to mind. Beautiful valleys, a cool breeze, foggy mountains, and hectares of tea plantations. Muddy paths through the tea estates are also there, as are thrilling rides via hairpin turns.

Not just that, there are some beautifully located luxury resorts in Munnar that can bring out the true essence of the place. This is why Munnar tourism is so well-liked. 

Here are the top 7 places you can trek in Munnar to enjoy its beauty. 

Pothamedu Trek

View from Pothamedu viewpoint

Pothamedu Trek provides breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. For beginners, one of the most well-liked hikes is Pothamedu. The trip takes around 4-5 hours to complete, but it’s beautiful because it passes through tranquil areas like sizable cardamom plantations and tea gardens.

The surrounding green hills and increasing mist give the landscape a fresh perspective. The tranquility of the location can only be understood via personal experience; words cannot do it justice. Despite taking a few hours to complete, the walk doesn’t exhaust you.

The grand view of Munnar from the hilltop is the trek’s high point. And from the summit of the hill, on a clear day, one can see the River Muthirapuzha and the Idukki Arch Dam, both of which are around 60 kilometres away.

Meesapulimala Trek

One of Munnar’s most challenging and exciting hikes is the Meesapulimala trek. The second-highest summit in the Sahyadri mountain range is Meesapulimala. You will undoubtedly have an adrenaline rush after hiking and climbing to the peak. A height of roughly 2640 metres above sea level must be attained. 

The route’s bold and colourful rhododendrons are its main draw. There are difficult and rugged mountain terrains, lush meadows, and dense forests throughout the trekking track. The stunning and spellbinding views of the Sahyadri mountain peaks are fascinating.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the tea estates and the stunning landscapes. The area is home to various trees and plants of different species. For wildlife photographers, this location is unique and exciting.

Muniyara Dolmens Trek

A beautiful shot taken during Muniyara Dolmens Trek arranged by SpiceTree

The magnificent Muniyara Dolmens, often known as a prehistoric monument, is situated in Muttukad, which is around 27 kilometers from Munnar town. These massive stone slab-built above-ground burial chambers, sometimes known as “megaliths,” date back to the Neolithic Period. 

These granite slabs continue to pique the curiosity of historians due to their age—more than a thousand years. Numerous anthropologists and archaeologists from all over the world have been to this fascinating spot to see the megalithic Dolmenoid cist remains. 

The best part of this trek is that, SpiceTree Munnar offers treks to Muniyara Dolmens for their guests along with a luxurious stay.


You will surely love the Ramaswamy Dam waterfall as you stroll through the tea gardens to get to the Chithirapuram bridge. Among the plant species, you will encounter while walking along this lovely trek are pepper, betel nuts, guava, and vanilla. Take images of the plantation regions, vegetation, and hillsides since the topography of these settings will astound you. Many tourists choose this as one of the best Munnar trekking locations.

Lakshmi Hill Trek

The adventurous trekking experience offered by Lakshmi Hill Trek in Munnar is so incredible that it never fails to wow visitors and hikers. Just 3 kilometres in the direction of Cochin, from Munnar, is where the Lakshmi Hill Trek begins. The travellers are treated to stunning splendour on the next walk, which is followed by a ridge. Take a stroll in the grasslands while admiring the granite peaks. This is one of the best hikes in Munnar.

While climbing through the rocky paths of the hills, you will be able to glimpse Anamudi, the highest peak in South India.

Mathikettan Rainforest Trek

The Mathikettan Rainforest Trek is among the most exhilarating treks in Munnar, rich with incredible flora and animals. You’ll enjoy strolling through the Shola forests, rich in species and compelling nature. From Thondimala, the trail travels through Shantanpara, followed by a vast rainforest. Mother Nature’s captivating beauty is a calming feast for the eyes. 

It is music to the ears to hear the birds’ melodic chirping. You’ll enjoy seeing both common and uncommon bird species. Along with sambars, you could encounter elephants, gaurs, spotted deer, and enormous squirrels while travelling. True happiness is found in the surrounding calmness and tranquillity.

Chokramudi Trekking

Chokramudi peak

One of Munnar’s exciting hikes is Chokramudi, a mix of simple and rugged terrain. The trekking route’s scenery is magnificent and inspiring. There are four distinct sections to the overall expedition. The first one goes through the Shola woodlands, the second one is a stroll across grassland meadows, the following is a very high climb into the mountains, and the final is a challenging trek through rocky terrain. 

To navigate this terrain and reach a height of 7200 feet above sea level, you require hiking experience. But the serene surroundings and the gentle air will function as a soother for your weary spirit.

Things to keep in mind

Munnar treks are best started after the monsoon and before the start of the summer season, ideally between September and March. It is a relaxing and delightful day to stroll in the woodland or mountain routes. It is best to avoid travelling during the monsoon because the roads are frequently hazardous and slick. Trekking during this time of year might take a lot of work.

Some treks can be completed in a single day, while others require more time because the trails are connected to create a web of thrilling and challenging experiences for the trekkers. The treks range in difficulty, but they all deliver the same excitement.